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Passing times

Published Apr 2,2013

This is an illustration that I’ve created recently, the tittle is ‘Passing times.’ Why? Well, in the Arab world these day people tend to not do much in their day other the lay back and smoke something called a shisha as part of there daily routine, this just says that people are too bored and lazy, so they just pass time doing nothing important with it!! The creature is a lizard that is call the Thab, witch is a common lizard from the Arabian dessert

… just enjoy it and have a smile :)

Softwares used

The list of software’s that where used to create this image are:  Modo, Lightwave,  Zbrush,  Max,  Photoshop, After Effects


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Limited edition prints of this piece are available for individual purchase. Each print comes with a signed certificate of authenticity by the artist.

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