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Published Jun 11, 2014

This is one of my latest pieces created for the exhibition ‘Father & son’, The ape was created for a client and then I added some extra details to get it to look more aggressive….for my Piece 🙂

Just like in the story of Kong, this King of the jungle lives in an island of giants,  it’s like his play ground among dinosaurs and other fantastic creatures, in this scene you can imagine that Kong was running behind something that he has sniffed or heard in his back yard, so he runs to this cliff where only in a short distance underneath him hides an adventurer from his eyes barely escaping Kongs rage!!

You can see lots of details all over, Rocks sculptures, plants, roots, other riggs like human and Dino birds… it just took some time to produce… was fun for me…hope you Enjoy!!

Softwares used

The list of software’s that where used to create this image are:  Modo, Lightwave,  Zbrush,  Max,  Photoshop, After Effects


 15 of 15 Remaining

Limited edition prints of this piece are available for individual purchase. Each print comes with a signed certificate of authenticity by the artist.

Image BreakDown

Hair development

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