Slide backgroundOPEN For Public 9AM Till Noon, 4PM till 7PMFather & Son Art Exhibition
Slide backgroundCreativity through generations.OPEN For Public 9AM Till Noon, 4PM till 7PMFather & Son Art Exhibition
Slide backgroundOPEN For Public 9AM Till Noon, 4PM till 7PM Muharraqi Gallery Exhibition
Slide backgroundOPEN For Public 9AM Till Noon, 4PM till 7PM Muharraqi Gallery Exhibition

The Opening of His Highness The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain our Art Exhibition at the Bin Mattar house on the 13th of March 2014

For the first time in Bahrain two Artists The Father &  Son will exhibit together under one roof.

Muharraqi: Father & Son

With the strokes of their brushes rendering a chorus of color, the world-renowned and award-winning Bahraini artists, Abdullah Al Muharraqi, and by his own remarkable merits, his son, Khalid Al Muharraqi will appear in a duo exhibition surmised as “Muharraqi: Father & Son” to reveal a gleaming symphony of artistic legacy and controversial imagery. The phenomenon of this unique union, is a shared light of symbolic depiction of our condition expressed through the unique work they have produced. This exhibition will be Khalid’s first in 30 years, which he will honor by joining and working alongside his mentor and father.

The father, Abdullah Al Muharraqi is one of the pioneers of contemporary fine art in the Kingdom whose a name extends in recognition in every Bahraini household and beyond. With work exhibited in Algeria, Egypt, France, Korea, Oman, Qatar, and Spain to name a few to phenomenal paintings of kings, queens, and world leaders, the surrealist artist’s rare and dystopian depictions of culture are instantly recognizable. From nations postage stamps and official emblems to his witty and bittersweet newspaper socio-political cartoons in Bahrain’s Akhbar al Khaleej and Sharjah’s Al Bayan, the living legend’s legacy continues to being honored in the most distinguished of museum halls and galleries all over the world.

Khalid Al Muharraqi, the son, whose name synonymous with the finest in the realm of digital art, portrays the artistic depth and painstaking precision that is both moving and raw. Khalid is carrying the torch lit up by his father through the ceaseless journey of unrestricted artistic exposition that has captivated audiences well beyond the edges of our two seas. His dedication to experimentation in producing the breath-taking work that has been long speaking for itself, the award-winning digital artist creates the unimaginable and unseen, including the most grandeur of architectural visualizations with the world’s leading firms and massive cities and stadiums like Bahrain’s 2030 Master Plan and Qatar’s 2022 FIFA World Cup stadium. Khalid’s hyper realistic character designs aligned him with the world’s most recognized of film, video game, and television digital artists. His experience extends well beyond the island’s boundaries; being sought out to take part in testing the industry’s future state-of-the-art tools. Recognized as an ambassador of the field in this region, Khalid’s work continues to be exhibited in the world’s most influential digital art publications, from Exposé to Digital Art Masters.

Making history, this long-awaited exhibition, ‘Muharraqi: Father & Son’, will take place in March of 2014, in the Shaikh Ebrahim Center for Culture and Research, in Muharraq, under the patronage of his royal highness Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa. The event will mark the inauguration of the center’s Cultural Season of 2014, and will coincide with The Spring of Culture Festival. The exhibition will consist of pieces by both artists that not only continue to have a profound impact on culture but those that have never been seen before. The exhibition will feature for the first time, an artistic masterpiece that both artists, Abdulla and Khalid, have collaborated on, as father and son.

‘The Bin Mattar house in Muharraq’

Shaikh Ebrahim Center

The Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Center for Culture and Research is the Kingdom of Bahrain’s leading cultural host that has not only celebrated the artistic and intellectual legacies of hundreds of speakers, artists, philosophers, poets, and thinkers, but also one that seeks to nurture and preserve the kingdom’s dynamic and demanding artistic voice. The center has proved itself to be the most prominent exponent of Bahraini culture and heritage.

For further information on the Shaikh Ebrahim Center and the Bin Mattar House, please visit our website, The exhibition ‘Muharraqi: Father & Son’ is part of the Spring of Culture Festival, held annually in Bahrain, during the months of March and April. More information can be found on the festival’s website,


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