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Checklist for Architectural Vizulization

Before we can assess the requirements of a project or consider a proposal, we require sufficient information in order to scope the work involved and develop a solution.

In the initial stage, all that is required is imagery of the project and the site.This will help us develop a general understanding of the project requirments and the size and scale of it.

Once the solution has been agreed and the contractual matters settled, we then move onto the actual working stages, where we shall require the following information prior to beginning work.

A. High resolution satellite images of the location.  These are extremely important and will determine the approach we take to an assignment.  The higher the resolution, the better and aerial photography is even. Note: No Google images will be accepted

B. Detailed architectural plans and drawings, in both soft and hard copy, from which we will build the 3D models:

  1. Final Master Plan
  2. Final Building Plans (typically, elevations unless interior is required)
  3. Plantation and Landscaping Details
  4. Roads and Walkway Maps
  5. Other relevant information like topographical maps, highway networks, etc
  6. When providing us with your existing 3D files, please note that the file formats that we require are : .Lux or .Obj or .Lwo or .3ds
  7. When exporting files, kindly check that all the elements are in place by re-opening the files as there can be many issues that can arise from the export process (missing polygons, changes in location of items, etc.)

C. Sample Materials of everything related with the construction of the structures such as:

glass colors
wall textures
Any other relevant materials that will be used

D.  Sample photography and images we will need to accurately visualise the development, including:

samples of shop fronts / restaurants & cafés / frontages & facades
complete interior design plans including samples of the finishes, materials used, furniture and layouts – for interior spaces
details of any specific texture designs
details of lighting plans
any imagery / paintings / photographs / mood boards related to the development

. A concept document or brief on the project and the main targets that the visualization will be focused towards

E.  Any additional materials that can be of use to us in the development process

F.  Finally, We will not consider a job commissioned until the initial agreements have been approved & payment has been made.

Please note that there is such a thing as too much information, and we kindly request, as much as possible, to see the final materials.