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Published Sep 13, 2007

I was really badly sick for 7 days…but that helped me to release my demons with this illustration of the one that looks over Hell, Buer is one of those characters that is just striking and immediately captured my imagination when we first came across him.  He is mentioned in the16th century Dutch text, “Pseudomonarchia Daemonum” as the Great President of Hell and is seen in a number of representations teaching philosophy, logic and medicine. His body is composed of the head shaped like a lion and is surrounded by five goats legs which enable him to move in any direction and travel at great speed. There is something monstrous about his features and his face is very demonic with both intelligence and evil behind his wicked smile.

Thanks Rashad for showing me this  creature, altho I have seen it before but I wouldn’t have looked at it again until you have found it on the net and exposed my eyes to it :)

Softwares used

The list of software’s that where used to create this image are:  Modo, Lightwave,  Zbrush,  Max,  Photoshop, After Effects


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Limited edition prints of this piece are available for individual purchase. Each print comes with a signed certificate of authenticity by the artist.

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